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Autumn Colours at Montaurand in the Charente Dordogne

This is one of my favorite times of year.

We have a fabulous old tree garden at Montaurand and the leaves are creating a wonderful carpet of reds, brown, yellows, ochres and russets.

The row of Sweet Maple trees have the most beautiful coloured and shaped leaves that fall across the drive and they are followed by the mature Chestnut trees and the 2 majestic limes that are the central attraction of the front of our maison de maitre here in the Charente.

Sitting as we do on the Charente Dordogne Border, we get to see amazing swathes of forest turning autumnal as we walk our king charles lily through the leaves. Gorgeous.

Thank God for my makita leaf blower which helps me keep some kind of order. Otherwise we would disappear under a mountain of leaves not to be seen again until next spring. Even so, landrover and trailer are in regular use on leaf dumping duties. I love my old Discovery 1 from 1997. Its everything a chunky old Landy should be in a great agricultural way. It is surprising how big it is inside too so it is great for moving sheep, bales of straw or my wife's shopping!

The sheep love this time of year too. The grass is growing great for them after a long hot summer where it got rather scrubby. Also they love to eat the fallen chestnuts which are a real treat for them. It is great to watch them socialising and chewing the cud - they always look like they have an inside track on the the answer to life's great question. They really are very shaggy buddhas.

The frogs are lazing around the pond and the chickens are loving their freedom as I let them out to wander around in the wintertime. Not in the summer though as their poo production is prodigious - so watch where you step! The eggs have stopped now for winter but we were getting 5 eggs a day which kept our chambres d'hotes guests happy for breakfast.

Boiled, scrambled or poached eggs on organic toast with great coffee - you gotta try it sometime.

Get in touch to book a stay with us at Montaurand in 2020 and enjoy this piece of heaven we have created in the middle of France.

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