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Montaurand Chambres d'Hotes and the Corona Virus

The world seems to be going a bit crazy right now. While the Corona virus is a clearly an issue, the crazy over reaction of the world at large and the media in particular is making it more of a problem than it need be. Then the following panic on the stock exchanges.....

When you look at how many people get winter flu and the low death rates from the virus it just doesn't really warrant the panic measures that are going on - it is almost as if the governments around the world want to worry us so we take our eyes off what they are up to in other areas.

China for example is using the outbreak as an excuse to roll out punitive and intrusive surveillance measurements and you can bet that the surveillance and tracking of people and their data will stay in place once the virus subsides. It is actually more worrying than the outbreak itself I think.

France is being more cautious and sensible about the Corona Virus so we will have to see whether the French Government more to a more stringent 'lockdown' than is currently in place.

Montaurand is happily in a remote country location surrounded by forest so the likelyhood of a Corona Virus outbreak in this area is unlikely but it depends on whether the French Government decide to institute a travel ban confining people to their departmemt ( the Charente in our case) or semi quarantine like they have in Italy.

To be safe we are closing the Chambres d'hotes at Montaurand for March 2020 and we will review the spread of the corona virus before deciding whether to reopen in April. We expect to be fully open for booking from May 2020 onwards so you can still book your stay in our stunning private suite from that date onwards.

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