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Rare Napoleon Mannequin 'Henri' Joins us at Montaurand Chambres d'hotes

Every so often we find something very special either at a Brocante Market or through one of our Brocante Seller Friends.

This amazing and rare "Napoleon" Mannequin of an adolescent boy is so cute and in brilliant condition. I love the dinky shoes and the slender shape - so elegant. He is called "Henri".

These style of mannequins are incredibly hard to find and when it came up we were straight on it. We collect mannequins and have been looking for a 'Napoleon' for ages.

I think we must have 8 or 10 in the house so Henri will have plenty of friends to talk to and party with. We have caught that at it occasionally which is a bit spooky. I get up in the middle of the night and I swear various of the mannequins are not where I left them when I went to bed.

It is all a bit twilight zone. So if you want to stay in a beautifully designed and comfortable environment - book a stay with us.

The mannequien comes from our friend Samuel at Antiquites de Tourniquet in Aubeterre who always find the most wonderful pieces. So do check out his facebook page.

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