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Fresh organic rasberries every day in our chambres d'hotes in the Charente Dordogne

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

We at the montaurand private suite believe passionately in using organic local produce to create our amazing breakfasts that guests love.

We search out the best local producteurs for our bread, butter, milk, cheese, jams and fruit.

But the best of course is homegrown. We use no chemicals of any kind and are far enough away from farmers fields that we get no spill over from the french obsession with multiple spraying of crops. The way they go at it, it is a surprise that the french farming community aren't riddled with cancer or have grown extra heads!

Our egg from our own hens are amazing - deep rich yellow yolks and a fantastic flavour. Totally organic.

They are well fed (as they also eat our kitchen leftovers), completely free range with a huge space to eander around in and generally spoilt!

Then we have our amazing organic bio rasberries. The 2 small rasberry plants we put in experimentally have grown into a 3m x 3m behemoth producing vast amounts of the best rasberries you can imagine.

We have got maybe 5kg of rasberries so far this year and strangely we have had 2 growing periods because of the extreme weather. One in late spring and the other now.

We get a huge mixing bowl full every 2 days - takes about 1/2 hour to pick and the flavour is there to savour.

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