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Our chambres d'hotes in the dordogne Charente

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Busy Busy Busy.

Thats us this summer. Lots of lovely people staying at Montaurand and so lots of stories to hear and peaks into other peoples lives.

Breakfast is great as usual with our hens laying loads of eggs - poached eggs seems to be the most popular option and everyone leaves for their day our full satisfied and happy.

Guests love watching when I let the sheep onto the front lawn to crop the grass although i need to keep an eye to stop any naughty tree nibbling!

We are getting amazing fruit this year too - i handpicked about 1.5kg of rasberries yesterday. They are so full of flavour and are totally organic.

Great for a guest breakfast with greek yoghurt and honey. But most will be frozen as we just can't eat them all. Ill get the same again in a couple of days!

Now we are waiting on the figs, nectarines and pears and even some apples - the cherries strawberries and greengages are done but were amazing this year.

come see us at montaurand to find out - we are open until december

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