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Brocante Season has begun in the Charente Dordogne

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

The brocante market season is now well underway in the Charente and Dordogne.

Every Saturday and Sunday villages host Brocantes and Vide Greniers and who knows what you will find?

The Brocantes usually have a larger selection of quality pieces but the prices will be higher and the fun is going to a Vide Grenier ( loft sale) and finding something beautiful for next to nothing that would be 3 times the price in a Brocante.

The professional etsyers are there at 5am to find the best pieces pieces and the rest fo us stroll around later on enjoying the hustle and bustle and finding who know what treasures

At Montaurand, we are the perfect base for your Brocante trips and we can tell you the best ones to go for.

Come see us this summer

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