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Winter comes to our chambres d'hotes Charente dordogne

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

I love winter - the time of log fires , snuggling up in jumpers, winter stews and soups.

Madeleine is an amazing cook so we have endless incredible meals by the roaring fires.

First thing I get up, start the fire in the kitchen in this lovely blue enamel woodburner - very art deco - to warm up the kitchen and then get the 14KW monster going in the living room to warm up the rest of the house.

We have endless wood supplies that are nicely dry as i have collecting wood ever since we arrived and with the price of fuel in france now more or less 1 e per litre for central heating fuel, wood is a better option.

i also prefer the heat from a wood fire rather than central heating anyway.

So im off to eat my freshly laid poached eggs by the fore with my beautiful wife.

Good life.

fire at montaurand bed & breakfast charente dordogne cognac angouleme bordeaux

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