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Chicken Hospital pt 3 at montaurand chambres d'hotes

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Bed breakfast montaurand rougnac charente dordogne bordeaux angoiuleme

So a week or so on and 'gingerus' is doing really well - he/she is obviously a fashion bird as you have to be at our chambres d'hotes here in the charente dordogne

We will know after 5 months whether it is a boy or girl - i don't mind either way really.

I miss the cock crow in the morning and it would be great to have more eggs so either way I win

Banana seems to be a firm favorite at the moment and gets gobbled down with aplomb.

We keep it in a large cat carrier and bring it in at night so it keeps warm - when its a bit bigger we will put it in with the others and as we now have a spare hut we will get new chickens in the spring too so we will have about 10

maybe gingerus will go on visits with us on a lead when we got to cognac, bordeaux, riberac, chateau la couronne in marthon or brantome?

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