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Chicken Hospital at our chambres d'hotes dordogne part 2

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

The ginger chick has recovered really well and is walking around quite happily

we are taking him/her in at night to keep warm and banana seems to be the food of choice - the chicken likes it almost as much as our guests when they have breakfast here which is a very sumptuous meal.

Sadly when i went to open up the chickens today, the white one was dead - i have no idea why.

It was fine last night when it went to bed so either the mum killed it in the night or maybe it got too cold?

It was cold last night but not seriously so it should have been ok.

So between that and the first chick drowning in the water bucket we have been pretty unlucky but we know now what to do next time

that assumes of course that we have another cockerel which im undecided about after being hunted for so long by Gingerman

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