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Chicken Hospital at Montaurand Bed and Breakfast Charente

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

I opened up the chickens today and one of our 2 babies who are about 5 weeks old had hurt its leg and kept falling over.

I checked online at what can go wrong for small chickens and it looks like the slipped tendons spaggle leg and other nasty things are not it.

I think that it probably got stepped on by its mum and so maybe sprained a leg - it is now in its own special hospital pen lying on hay eating banana and chicken food with a bowl of water and looking rather chuffed with itself.

We will keep an eye on it for a few days and give it a chance to rest and heal and then i hope you we can add it back to the chicken hut -

I keep saying 'it' because i gather you cannot sex a chicken until its 5 months old - i'm hoping that we have 2 girls so we get more eggs

its fun having a cockerel but they can be very aggressive as we found with gingerman although i would hope that since ours would know us from birth it might be more chilled out.

Come see them for yourself - we are open for bookings in the private suite this autumn and there is a lot going on in the Dordogne, Charente, Angouleme and Bordeaux at this time of year

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