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feeding the sheep at Montaurand chambres d'hotes angouleme

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

We love our skudde sheep as you know at our chambres d'hotes here in the charente - the loveliest sheep this side of bordeaux and cognac!

we have 10 at the moment with several lambs possibly due in the next month or 2

they are great company and are lovely to watch - they have very complex social mores and behaviour as a flock and its a real david attenborough moment watching them interact.

Stale bread is their favroite treat and so we handfeed them a couple of times a week which also gives me a chance to check them over to make sure they are all well and healthy.

The biggest problem at this time of year is the bramble that gets caught in their newly growing fleeces - it can cut them quite badly if it hangs around the legs so we need to keep an eye out for them as they cant take it off themselves.

In the lovely indian summer we are having - 30c in sept anyone? - its great sitting at our picnic tables and feeding them - naked is better!

chambres d'hotes bed and breakfast angouleme charente dordogne bordeaux

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