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Lazy Summers in the Charent for your french holiday at our Chambres d'Hotes

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Coming to the end of August now and its been a busy season for us at the bed and breakfast chez Montaurand - the weather is cooling down a bit from the highs of 38-39c but its warm and balmy. Lovely nights and sunny days.

The landscape around here in this part of france between angouleme cognac the dordogne and bordeaux is lovely with the lush forests of chestnuts and rolling hills.

Perfect for meandering through, dropping in on our favourite brocantes and restaurants and generally catching up with a bit of R&R in the extensive gardens surrounded by our beautiful old trees.

One of our chickens is brroding on a huge pile of eggs so we hope to have chicks soon which will take us from 4 chickens to maybe 10-15 if they all hatch.

I love our fresh eggs - 2-4 a day - boiled scrambled poached or french omelette - yum!

stay here and find out for yourself.

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