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Birthday at montuarand chambres d'hotes B&B Charente Dordogne Angouleme Brantome Cognac Ribe

Its madeleines birthday today so off to a picnic by the river at aubterre - a lovely and very beautiful old hill top village in the dordogne about 40 minutes drive from the montaurand bed and breakfast Charente Dordogne through lovely country roads.

Aubeterre has a weekly sunday market and a lovely main square filled with little shops and a number of restaurants and cafes where you can drink coffee, eat lunch or imbibe something stronger.

There's a nice brocante antique shop too just off the main square down the side street and we have our preferred restaurant on the hillside with an outside terrace overlooking a lovely view.

There is also an awesome cave church which has been built inside a huge cavern that you can visit that is really quite amazing and well worth a visit.

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