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Summer Brocantes in the Dordogne and Charente

Montaurand is the perfect chambres d'hotes situated near angouleme, cognac, brantome,riberac,aubeterre,bergerac and 30 mins from bordeaux by train for pursuing your brocante dreams.

Summer here is all about brocante markets - the are a focus for each village and bring people from all over the region to eat drink make merry and shop!

there are different levels of brocante - at the top you have the professional brocantes which happen less often and attract the professional brocanteurs. They have a much higher quality of stock but are correspondingly more expensive too as they know the value of what they have. These are the ones to visit to find really fine pieces, huge mirrors, top level antiques and statues.

Next up up you have the general brocante markets which have a mix of items both good quality and less so. Great for pickinng up a bargain if you know what you are looking for and are prepared to search through boxes of stuff.

Below that you have the vide greniers ( empty your loft) where you can find a mix of absolute rubbish with the occasional brilliant find - really fun day out and you have to do some hunting but when you do you can get some brilliant pieces.

finally the bricabrac which is more or less a car boot sale - again if you are lucky you can pick up some amazing things .

We can point you towards the good brocantes that we know about and even provide you with a paid guide to help you find things and haggle in french - just ask in advance and we can book something for you.

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