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Asian Hornets in the Charente and Dordogne and why we hate them

France has had a growing problem over the last 20 years with asian hornets or frelons asiatiques.

They arrived in a shipping container from the far east and have spread across france including the charente and dordogne near Angouleme, Cognac and Bordeaux.

At our chambres d'hotes in the charente we keep an eye out for them as they hunt and kill bees - we love bees and hate hornets! They are natural vilest creation ( after horse flies) and are pure evil. Aggressive, with a very poisonous sting and they rip the heads off bees and suck out the juices.


Very occasionally at the Montaurand bed and breakfast in the charente we see the hornets passing through but this time they have set up home in our old duck house by the pond.

They will be gone by tonite as our bee man is coming to get them but i got stung yesterday and boy did it hurt. They are the only creature on gods earth that i take pleasure in dispatching - they have no redeeming qualities and are evil incarnate as far as im concerned.

Truly the donald trump of the animal kingdom.

Bye Bye hornets - dont come back!!!

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