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Spring has arrived at Montaurand

Fabulous day yesterday with blazing sunshine and the bluest of charentaise skies. Lovely day out with our Montaurand Private Suite Chambres d'Hotes guest Aunty Slim and a cracking lunch in the sun.

The menu de jour at the local brasserie is always the best way to eat in the charente and Dordogne. Its home cooked simple and you can have 3 courses for 15 euro so no complaints about the price.

That's the way the french prefer top eat - it's all working people on their 2 hour lunch break , supping wine, eating home food and enjoying themselves.

This restaurant was the l'Europe at Montbron and the service was great - they are really friendly and the food was yum!

The rest of the family took it very easy yesterday too - the sheepies snoozed in the field and here's sheba and maya practising zen yoga meditation as only cats can.

We are open for bookings for your french holidays in the charente and the dordogne with angouleme bordeaux poitiers and cognac nearby. So get in touch soon.

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