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Ecological lawn mowers are best for the planet

Here at Montaurand we like to keep things as natural as we can - we love the beauty clarity and simplicity of life in the Charente and Dordogne and situated as we are on the edge of the national forest surrounded by deer and wild boar.

Thats why people love to stay at our private suite- the calmness and serenity, the birdsong and whispering wind.

As we have mostly ancient trees rather than flower gardens, that means there's less gardening and more lawn mowing - so why use petrol and oil and noisy machines to cut your grass when we have 11 of nature's finest lawnmowers ready to do the job with gusto and aplomb?

They dont need paying and they are happy to work 24 hours a day :) They are beautiful to look at too and are very tame so lots of stroking needed.

Of course every sheep prefers to eat in the company of cherubs :)

I give you lola, chocolat and biscuit!

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