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Sunny times in the Charente

The weather is back !

33-36 degrees is what we like - the garden is blooming, the pool is the perfect temperature and life in the charente is perfect.

What a great time to come on holiday to stay with us at the private suite at Montaurand.

Its a great B+B Chambres d'hotes experience in palatial splendour and with the brocante season at its height there is plenty to do in the charente, Dordogne and Charente Maritime.

You can always pop over to the seaside - only 1.5 hours away and eat fresh mussels and lobster in the old ports of the french west coast or go upmarket at the isle de re.

Aubeterre is a lovely place to visit too just 40 minutes from us with the lovely market square, restaurants, brocante shop and lovely architecture.

so get in touch with us and book your stay - you will love it

the sheepies do!

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